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What Makes a Brand?

A brand isn’t just ‘some colours, typefaces, a logo design and a slogan’. A ‘brand’ is the all-encompassing term for everything you do to provide an identity for your business whilst stimulating and connecting with your audience on an emotional level.


A logo design and a corporate identity design (business cards, brochure design, signage, van livery, etc.) are the platforms for delivering your core message to your audience, and to distinguish your brand from your competitors.


As surprising as it may sound, it’s your audience that decides the success of your brand, not you or your graphic design agency (Stormwave).

A Successful Brand

A successful brand identity design is one that brings measurable success and gain to your business every time you release a new ad campaign or update your website (among other things).

Everything your company displays, says, does and produces has to reflect the core ideas, values and aims of your business.

Each of these elements must be thoughtfully, creatively and strategically developed to work as a whole.

In order to create the right image for your company your branding needs to be consistent, direct and stimulating for your audience.


A brand is much more than a logo design, colour palette and a slogan – it’s the first and last impression that you leave with your more


Print design should provoke a reaction, using meaningful and relevant ideas to engage with your audience and leave an more


A website needs to look beautiful, be user friendly, perform brilliantly in search engines and work perfectly on all more

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